Hegshot87’s Review of the Apex CCK: Unlocking the Potential of Your M&P2


In the vast world of firearms and gun reviews, Hegshot87 stands out as a trusted source for newer shooters seeking knowledge and shared experiences. With a commitment to learning and a passion for firearms, Hegshot87 provides valuable insights and unbiased reviews to help viewers make informed decisions. In this review, we delve into Hegshot87’s analysis of the Meta Tactical Apex, a game-changing conversion kit that transforms handguns into powerful Bullpup carbines. Join us as we explore the features, pros, and cons of this innovative product.

“All right, so essentially what this does is this turns your pistol into a carbine, right? And so more of a Bullpup design. So if you have, let’s say, a Saint Victor that is overall really long, okay, with the 16-inch barrel, 16 and a half-inch barrel, this keeps the design short because it’s a Bullpup style while still giving you more velocity, being easier to shoot, being a great training tool, and just giving you a reason to take your pistol and take it back out to the range and change it up a little bit.”

About Hegshot87:

Hegshot87 is a YouTube channel dedicated to providing informative content to firearm enthusiasts, concealed carry practitioners, and Second Amendment supporters. The channel’s founders, who identify as newer shooters themselves, emphasize the importance of safety, learning from mistakes, and sharing knowledge. Their goal is to engage with viewers, foster a community of responsible gun owners, and contribute to the growth of firearm education.

“Hello and welcome to our channel. What you will find is newer shooters that have shared our experience from the beginning. We are constantly learning and love to share knowledge and sometimes share our mistakes so you won’t make them. We love firearms and gun reviews are our specialty. We also do holster reviews/unboxings, concealed carry, and comparison videos.”

Reviewing the Meta Tactical Apex:

In Hegshot87’s review of the Meta Tactical Apex, the focus is on showcasing the kit’s capabilities, functionality, and its potential to enhance shooting experiences. From the very first shots, viewers are taken on a journey of discovery, where the host shares his initial impressions and examines the various components of the Apex.

“Now, I took their front thumb rest and their hand stop and installed that.”

The review highlights the Apex’s compatibility with different firearms, its ease of installation, and the impressive build quality that Meta Tactical offers. Hegshot87 underscores the importance of the Apex’s ability to transform a pistol into a carbine, providing increased velocity and improved accuracy. Additionally, the reviewer praises the Apex’s practicality as a training tool, particularly for individuals who may be hesitant around handguns

One notable aspect that Hegshot87 points out is the variety of accessories offered by Meta Tactical. From angled foregrips to flash hiders and sling attachments, the Apex allows users to personalize their setup based on individual preferences and shooting styles. The channel appreciates the attention to detail and the overall solid design that Meta Tactical has achieved with this product.

“Very nice. By the way, this is the optic that we ran over in a video a few months ago.”

Throughout the review, Hegshot87 maintains a critical eye, discussing both the pros and cons of the Apex. While highlighting the kit’s merits, such as ease of use and the company’s commitment to quality, the reviewer also mentions a slight discomfort with the adjustable stock. 

“The only thing I really have an issue with is this right here. It’s not super comfortable. It is adjustable, which is nice, but once you open it up a little bit, you have this kind of gap right here where it has to ride together. But then you really have this gap right here, which doesn’t make it super comfortable.”

However, this concern is mitigated by the availability of additional cheek rests to improve user comfort.

Understanding Hegshot87’s Perspective:

Hegshot87’s commitment to firearm safety is evident throughout the review. Prioritizing responsible gun ownership, the channel emphasizes that their videos are intended for law-abiding citizens who appreciate the Second Amendment and value freedom. The reviewer also reminds viewers that all firearms featured in their videos undergo safety checks, and range footage is captured in controlled environments.

“Now one thing that you don’t want to do, let’s say it’s locked back to the rear, and you want to take it apart for whatever reason, just make sure that you release the bolt again, take the mag out, of course, and then you know, reset the action, get the slide to close because otherwise, this isn’t going to open up all the way.”


Hegshot87’s review of the Meta Tactical Apex showcases their expertise in evaluating firearms and their dedication to sharing valuable information with their audience. The Meta Tactical Apex emerges as a reliable and innovative conversion kit, offering the ability to transform a pistol into a high-performing carbine. With its compatibility, build quality, and potential for enhanced shooting experiences, the Apex proves to be a valuable addition to any firearm enthusiast’s collection.

“But all in all, man, I think this is a really cool design. It’s very useful, it’s not janky, and that’s one of my biggest fears with stuff like this, man, is that it’s just going to be some kind of, you know, afterthought. And I don’t think this is that.”

As Hegshot87 continues to grow their channel, their commitment to providing informative content, promoting responsible gun ownership, and fostering a community of knowledgeable firearms enthusiasts remains unwavering. By offering comprehensive reviews and insights, Hegshot87 has established themselves as a trusted source for firearm enthusiasts seeking reliable information and practical advice.

So, join Hegshot87’s community, delve into their engaging videos, and remember, as always, to “Hold Em Down” while embracing the importance of firearm safety and responsible gun ownership.

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