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If you are a licensed dealer or reseller in the Firearm or Tactical industry we are now offering special prices to qualified wholesalers.

Sell our elite APEX-Series Carbine Conversion Kits – The World’s First Pistol-to-rifle conversion kits – in your store.

Each META Tactical Conversion Kit comes complete with adjustable stock, muzzle device, m-lock accessory system, quick change design and with a 16″ Barrel – A $300 Value.

Our APEX Series Conversion Kits

Meta-Tactical is the producer of the world’s 1st pistol to rifle bullpup style carbine conversion kits. They are designed to comply with ATF regulations against Stabilizer Braces.

APEX Series // Compatible Brands

Our kits are compatible with most pistols by Glock, P80, Palmetto State Armory, with other major brands are currently in production.

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