Introducing APEX-series Carbine Conversion Kit

Introducing APEX-series Carbine Conversion Kit

// Convert your pistol to a bull-pup style rifle //

Each kit includes 16" barrel

Each kit includes 16 inch barrel
A $300 Value!

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Available colors

  • Black
  • Stealth Grey
  • OD Green
  • Tan

APEX Series // Compatible Brands

Glock P80 Smith & Wesson PSA Shadow Systems Taurus

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Grey assembly Black assembly Tan assembly Olive Drab assembly 2nd amendment assembly
The META Tactical APEX Series Carbine Conversion Kit. Convert your pistol to a bullpup style rifle.

Your Price: $499.99 USD

(Includes 16” Barrel $300)

*Tax included for a limited time

The META TACTICAL APEX-Series Carbine Conversion Kit is the world’s first pistol-to-rifle bullpup style conversion kit.

Currently, we will offer kits that are compatible with Glock, S&W, and P80. This includes most make, models, and generations. Calibers to include 9mm, 10mm, .40, and .45. Future kits will be available for SIG Sauer and Springfield. If you don’t see your gun when ordering, please reach out to and we can either confirm compatibility, anticipated manufacture timeline or provide more information.

Most handguns will require a specific chassis and 16” barrel engineered for that model, make, etc.

The kit includes the chassis and 16” drop-in replaement barrel.

Yes, there is a thumb safety.

The overall length with a fully extended stock is 26” and 23.375” in the collapsed position. The weight is right around 3.25 lbs depending on the model and barrel combination.

Precision machined 16” Chromoly full drop-in barrel replacement with a black nitride finish. Polygonal rifling.

The threading on the 16” drop-in barrel is a proprietary thread and won't accept aftermarket products including a suppressor. The added weight of a suppressor or potentially a different compensator will negatively affect the accuracy of the platform.

Yes, the kit is compatible with custom slide cuts and aftermarket slides.

Yes, as long as your magazine has the LRBHO feature on the follower.

Yes, the ejection port is ambidextrous due to our shell deflector.

Our CCK trigger linkage mechanism will retain the trigger pull and break weights of the trigger you have installed as well as retain your trigger's reset. The trigger pull distance may be increased by a few hundredths of an inch (especially on flat-faced triggers), however, your reset will remain the same. The only difference is that our trigger linkage mechanism is providing a flat trigger pull as it is guided straight back, removing any ”curve” you may be used to in other firearm triggers.

Yes, we will offer our brave women and men of the military, LE, and First Responders a discount. Please reach out to for more details.

Yes, we are always looking for great partnerships. Please reach out to for more information.

The CCK is legal in most states. Please check with your state’s laws/guidelines. Feel free to reach out to for help.

Yes. We offer a one year warranty on defective or broken META Tactical products with proof of purchase. Please contact us directly at

Yes, we offer Dealer/Wholesale pricing. Please reach out to for more details.

Customer Reviews

"For somebody who's looking for something where they can maximize what their handgun already does, this chassis system is dead on"

Colion Noir

"It's fun to shoot! Stick your Glock in there, do shome shooting with it, and without tools, can take it apart if I so desire!"

Military Arms Channel

"This solves all the problems that I've had with the previous conversion kits,... I would buy this with my own money!"

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