Pilot Patriot Reviews ATF Proof APEX CCK

In the realm of guns, gear, reviews, and preparedness, Pilot Patriot stands as a trusted source for the average person seeking practical and budget-minded solutions. With a focus on providing entertaining shooting videos, instructional content, and comprehensive product reviews, Pilot Patriot has established a community of like-minded individuals dedicated to quality information. In this review, we delve into the positive aspects highlighted by Pilot Patriot regarding the Meta Tactical APEX Carbine Conversion Kit, a transformative firearm accessory that offers unparalleled versatility and performance.

Transforming Handguns into Bullpup Carbines:

The Meta Tactical APEX Carbine Conversion Kit is designed to turn existing handguns into Bullpup carbines, offering a unique and futuristic aesthetic. Pilot Patriot praises the kit’s compatibility with popular handgun models such as Glock, Smith and Wesson, Palmetto State Armory, P80, and Shadow Systems. This compatibility ensures accessibility for a wide range of firearm enthusiasts, allowing them to utilize their preferred handguns in a new configuration.

“Now, what I have here is the Apex Bullpup conversion kit from Meta Tactical. This is a pistol conversion kit that’ll turn your handgun that you already have into a Bullpup. There are a lot of really cool things about this that we’re going to go over here in just a minute.”

Compliance and Regulatory Considerations:

One noteworthy advantage emphasized by Pilot Patriot is the Meta Tactical APEX’s compliance with ATF and NFA regulations. With ongoing concerns surrounding pistol braces, the APEX eliminates this issue altogether by not utilizing a brace while still maintaining a legal 16-inch barrel length. This compliance ensures peace of mind for users who want to stay within the bounds of the law without compromising on functionality.

“The big difference with the Apex for Meta Tactical is it is as of right now going to be compatible with ATF and NFA regulations. A lot of you know that pistol braces are under attack right now, but with the Apex you have no pistol brace and you still have your 16-inch barrel, so you shouldn’t have any problems with compliance and things like that.”

Reliability and Functionality:

Reliability is a crucial factor in any firearm, and the APEX Conversion Kit receives high praise in this aspect. Pilot Patriot commends the kit’s flawless performance, with no reported feeding or ejection issues throughout extensive testing. The seamless integration between the APEX and the handgun’s original trigger mechanism provides a consistent and smooth trigger pull, resulting in enhanced shooting experiences.

“There’s no doubt that it’s cool. I love the way it looks. I love the idea behind it. I love everything about it, but is it reliable? Let’s go find out. Now, let’s get out on the range and do some shooting with the… Apex carbine conversion kit from Meta Tactical.”

Enhanced Accuracy and Control:

The conversion kit’s Bullpup design brings tangible benefits in terms of accuracy and control. Pilot Patriot highlights the added stability and extended effective range achieved through the configuration. By providing multiple points of contact with the shooter’s body, the APEX allows for improved accuracy, making it easier to achieve consistent and precise shots. This increased stability proves particularly valuable when transitioning from shooting a traditional handgun to a Bullpup configuration.

“The size of this thing could make it a pretty effective truck gun or bag gun or something like that. Obviously, regardless of how good you are with a handgun, there’s no doubt that you can be more accurate and more consistent by having more points of contact with your body.”

Ergonomics and Customization Options:

The APEX Conversion Kit boasts several features that enhance the user experience. Pilot Patriot praises the Picatinny rail running along the top of the frame, providing ample space for attaching a variety of sights and optics. Additionally, the M-Lock slots on the sides and bottom of the kit offer compatibility with various accessories. The interchangeable pistol grip allows users to personalize their grip preference, further improving comfort and control.

“You have a lot of nice features here. We have a Picatinny rail going the entire length of the top of the frame here. A pistol grip-style grip here that is interchangeable with most of your AR-15A2 style grips. You have a nice rubberized butt pad here on the back and you do have industry-standard M-Lock slots here on both sides and on the bottom.”

Durability and Aesthetic Appeal:

Constructed from robust fiber-reinforced polymer, the APEX Conversion Kit exhibits a blend of durability and futuristic aesthetics. Pilot Patriot appreciates the thoughtful design, which includes exposed bolts, relief cuts, and a variety of color options. These visual elements contribute to the overall appeal of the kit, making it an eye-catching addition to any firearm collection.

“I really love the design of this thing, guys. I think it just looks cool. It is made of a nice heavy-duty fiber-reinforced polymer, so it is nice and strong. A lot of cool relief cuts and things like that in here that I think just adds to the look of it. They do offer this in several colors. Of course, mine’s gray. You can also get it in black or FDE. I believe you can also get it in OD Green.”


In Pilot Patriot’s comprehensive review of the Meta Tactical APEX Carbine Conversion Kit, the positive aspects of this transformative accessory shine through. By offering compatibility with a range of popular handguns, maintaining compliance with ATF and NFA regulations, delivering reliable performance, and enhancing accuracy and control, the APEX Conversion Kit proves its worth. The ergonomic design, customization options, and durable construction further solidify its position as a standout product.

As Pilot Patriot continues to provide valuable insights and engaging content to the firearm community, the Meta Tactical APEX stands as testament to their commitment to delivering quality reviews and recommendations. With the APEX Conversion Kit, firearm enthusiasts can unlock a new level of versatility and performance, reimagining their handguns as Bullpup carbines and experiencing the benefits firsthand.

As Pilot Patriot’s community of Patriots, Gun Lovers, and Preppers continues to grow, the Meta Tactical APEX remains a noteworthy addition to their arsenal, providing an exciting and reliable solution for those seeking innovation and functionality in their firearms.

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