ToNYD2WiLD Goes wild for A Glock Carbine Conversion Kit

In the world of firearms accessories, innovation and versatility are highly valued. One such product that has caught the attention of firearms enthusiasts is the Meta Tacticals APEX Pistol to Bullpup Rifle Carbine Conversion Kit. Recently, popular YouTube personality and veteran sneakerhead, ToNYD2WiLD (Tony DeAngelo), took the time to review this conversion kit and share his thoughts with his followers. In this detailed video review, ToNYD2WiLD explores the features and performance of this conversion kit, sharing his thoughts and experiences with his audience. Let’s delve into his review and see what he had to say about this unique and innovative firearm accessory.

“I have to say, this thing is a beauty. There’s a lot going on, and I want to break it down from tip to butt and explain to you all the amazing features it has.”

ToNYD2WiLD begins the video by expressing his excitement about exploring products outside the realm of sneakers and fashion. He introduces the Meta Tacticals APEX Pistol to Bullpup Rifle Carbine Conversion Kit as a unique and intriguing accessory for firearm enthusiasts. Tony mentions his previous experience with firearms and acknowledges that his perspective comes from a user’s point of view rather than an expert’s.

“As you can see, this is not a rifle or a gun. It’s actually a chassis system that holds your gun and transforms your pistol into a rifle. Technically, it might change it from a pistol to a firearm, but I’ll let you guys argue about that in the comment section. Please don’t take my words as legal advice. But basically, with a 16-inch barrel, along with this chassis system, your pistol’s overall length becomes over 26 inches. This allows you to have a stock and a front grip on the firearm.”

As he unboxes the conversion kit, ToNYD2WiLD comments on the packaging, noting the quality and attention to detail. He appreciates the clear instructions included in the package, making the installation process accessible to both beginners and experienced users.

Next, he moves on to the design and construction of the conversion kit. Tony highlights the kit’s robust build, emphasizing the use of high-quality materials. He particularly praises the ergonomic features and the smooth handling of the bullpup configuration. With his experience as a sneakerhead, he draws parallels between the attention to comfort and design in the sneaker industry and the impressive craftsmanship of the Meta Tacticals conversion kit.

“The chassis system itself is lightweight and has excellent ergonomic features. It’s equipped with Picatinny rails, and the one I picked up came with a Picatinny set that fits into the slots here and here. The front grip also serves as an additional mag holder, so you can easily put another mag in and it locks in place with a push-to-release button.”

To give his viewers a comprehensive perspective, ToNYD2WiLD takes the conversion kit to the shooting range. He tests the performance, accuracy, and recoil control, offering valuable insights into its usability and effectiveness. He takes note of the improved maneuverability and the ease of transitioning between different shooting positions, highlighting the advantages of the bullpup configuration.

ToNYD2WiLD praises the smoothness and minimal recoil of the firearm when using the Meta Tacticals APEX conversion kit. He mentions that he had a great time shooting the gun and admits to getting carried away with its performance, to the point where he was asked to slow down at the range.

“The gun was incredibly smooth and had very little recoil. It felt like it was just tapping away. I actually got in trouble at the range because I was shooting too fast. The guy told me to chill out and that I was doing too much. I was a bit embarrassed at the moment, but I was having so much fun shooting this gun. It was incredibly flat and accurate, and I couldn’t help myself.”

Throughout the review, ToNYD2WiLD maintains an engaging and entertaining style, infusing his personal anecdotes and humor into the video. He acknowledges that the Meta Tacticals APEX Pistol to Bullpup Rifle Carbine Conversion Kit might not be suitable for everyone, as personal preferences and intended use vary. However, he emphasizes the value it brings to those seeking versatility and an enhanced shooting experience.

“This little system itself, I mean, you’re ready to go. I got me a 9mm Glock Bullpup with the 30-rounder in here, in full effect. When I ran out of that, I got another one just sitting right here, ready to go. And you get the rifle carbine-type capabilities now, running through a Glock, one of the most reliable pistols out there on the platform, and accurate.“


ToNYD2WiLD’s review of the Meta Tacticals APEX Pistol to Bullpup Rifle Carbine Conversion Kit provides a comprehensive assessment of this innovative accessory. With his expertise in reviewing products and his genuine enthusiasm, Tony offers valuable insights into the design, functionality, and performance of the conversion kit. Through his engaging presentation style, he successfully captures the attention of his audience and leaves them with a thorough understanding of the product’s pros and cons.

As firearms enthusiasts continue to seek ways to customize and improve their shooting experiences, the Meta Tacticals APEX Pistol to Bullpup Rifle Carbine Conversion Kit stands out as a promising option. With the endorsement and detailed review from ToNYD2WiLD, it is likely to attract the attention of both seasoned firearm users and newcomers looking to enhance their shooting capabilities.

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