CANDI ROSE Puts Together An APEX Carbine Conversion Kit

Candi Rose, also known as Your Favorite Blonde Patriot, is a YouTube personality who has gained a significant following for her dedication to firearms, training, and her unwavering support for the Second Amendment rights of American citizens. With a family history rooted in military service and a personal drive to understand the sacrifices made by those in uniform, Candi has embarked on a journey to become a highly skilled and knowledgeable civilian trained patriot. In addition to her own training, she has created the Let’s Train Campaign, where she collaborates with veterans and shares their experiences through videos and photos. Today, we delve into one of her reviews, where she demonstrates a legally compliant handgun to rifle conversion kit.

The Handgun to Rifle Conversion Kit Review:

In one of her YouTube videos, Candi Rose demonstrates the carbine conversion kit from Meta Tactical, showcasing how to legally convert a handgun into a rifle without requiring any tax stamps. She highlights the features of the kit, including its aesthetic appeal with various color options.

So today, we have the carbine conversion kit from Meta Tactical. Check it out! It looks pretty. It comes in many different colors, but today I have the “We the People” one. What I’m going to do is take my handgun and put it into this carbine conversion kit, and then I’ll have a rifle to shoot.”

Candi provides a step-by-step walkthrough, explaining how to replace the handgun’s barrel with the included 16-inch barrel and attach it to the conversion kit.

To start, I’ll slide off the conversion kit like so. Then, I’ll take out this part and remove my barrel. I’ll replace it with the 16-inch barrel that comes with the carbine conversion kit. We want to make sure that the Meta Tactical side is up, so it goes like that, and then we’ll put this back in. It goes like that, and then we simply attach it back to our gun like so. Rock it a couple of times, and we’re ready to go.”

She then demonstrates how to properly install the handgun into the kit, ensuring it is securely in place.

 “To open the kit, there’s a button right here. Just click it, pull it, and open it up. Then, as best as you can, drop the gun down into the kit straight down until it’s all the way in there.”

“Make sure it’s pushed all the way in, and then there’s a button right here that you’re going to push all the way through. You’ll hear it click, and it’ll go right through. So, if you see, I can take it out, and you can kind of see the hole right there. Then, we’re going to click it through when the gun is in there nice and tight. 

After that, make sure it shuts really well, and now we’re able to rack it.”

Finally, she showcases the functionality of the converted handgun-rifle hybrid and discusses its potential for customization.

Now, we can load up our magazines. We can put another one in here, so we have an area for two magazines. You can put a drum on here and get creative with it. You have one here, and now you’re ready to go and shoot.”


Candi's Background and Motivation:

As the granddaughter of a World War II P-47 Thunderbolt pilot who flew 68 life-threatening missions, Candi Rose has always held a deep respect for the military and a profound desire to understand the mindset of those who defend our freedoms. Her personal experiences, including having her freedom unexpectedly restricted at a young age, have fueled her gratitude for the simple liberties we often take for granted. With guns being a part of her adult life, it wasn’t until 2020 that she felt the need to elevate her training to a new level, seeking real-life tactical experience and expertise.

Your Favorite Blonde Patriot, embodies a strong commitment to firearms training and the preservation of Second Amendment rights. With a profound respect for the sacrifices made by military personnel, she seeks to educate herself and others through her Let’s Train Campaign, collaborating with veterans and promoting their training facilities. Through her YouTube channel, Candi shares her knowledge, experiences, and reviews, empowering others in the pursuit of self-defense and responsible firearm ownership. Her passion for firearms, combined with her dedication to learning and training, make her a respected figure in the firearms community.

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