Young Gun Expert Autumn Fry Turns Glock To Bullpup For Fun

Autumn Fry of Autumn’s Armory, a young gun enthusiast, recently reviewed the APEX Pistol to Bullpup Rifle Conversion Kit from META Tactical.  

Fry, known for her love of firearms and expertise in the industry, was thrilled to get her hands on the kit and put it to the test.

She started off the video by stating, “Meta Tactical sent this thing over here, and I have shot it off-camera. It is a lot of fun.” She then expressed her excitement while showing off the APEX Conversion Kit. 

“I really like this gun. This is a lot of fun. You know how Glocks are a lot of fun on their own, but turn it into a bullpup, a full-size bullpup, it’s too much fun. I mean, not too much fun. You can’t ever have too much fun.”  She exclaimed as the whimsical gun toting child that she is.

She was impressed with the kit as it can turn a Glock into a bullpup rifle, which is legally allowed and very cool according to her.

“What’s nice about these days is that there is no legal gray area. This chassis turns your Glock into a bullpup rifle, which is very cool because of how the ATF is dealing with it.”  Autumn stated. She was glad to have gotten the chance to try it out and show others how it works.

In her review, Fry praised the kit’s ease of use, stating “I was able to put the whole thing together in under 30 minutes with minimal tools.” She also noted the kit’s compatibility with a wide range of Glock models, making it a versatile option for those who own multiple firearms.

Autumn Fry’s Muzzle Test

For those unfamiliar with Fry, Autumn Armory is a firearms-focused YouTube channel with over 100k subscribers. Fry’s channel focuses on reviews of firearms, gear, and accessories. Her content is educational and informative, with a touch of humor and personal style that sets her apart from other firearms reviewers.

Autumn was also excited to test out the sound quality of the kit. “Okay, next we’re going to do a little test with this 16 inch barrel. It makes this gun a lot quieter without any muzzle blast, which is pretty cool. So, we’ll hold it up with five shots of 147 grain subsonics, and I’m just going to shoot the dirt a little bit so we don’t hear the ringing of the steel.”

Autumn was impressed with how quiet the gun was when they shot five rounds of 147 grain subsonics with the 16-inch barrel. She peeled off her muff to check how quiet it was and was pleasantly surprised.

One of the standout features of the APEX conversion kit for Fry was its ability to reduce noise and muzzle blast. 

“It makes this gun a lot quieter without any muzzle blast which is pretty cool,” she remarked. Fry even went so far as to say that the kit made shooting “a lot of fun,” despite the added weight and length.

Autumn Fry’s Accuracy Test

During the accuracy test, she used a 3rd party bipod to support the gun, and they loaded it up with five rounds of Blazer 115 grain. 

“We’re back here, about 20 yards away, and we’re going to do an accuracy test. We have the CAA bipod here because it fits, and we’re loaded up with five rounds of Blazer 115 grain. We just want to know if the 16-inch barrel makes a difference accuracy-wise.”

They shot it at about 20 yards away to see how accurate it was. The group was not too close to the bullseye, but it was not too far off either.

“Looks like most of the group landed here instead of near the bullseye. I guess it just preferred that spot more. Let’s check the size of the group. It’s about four and three-quarters inches, which isn’t bad.”

Autumn also appreciated the versatility of the kit, as she was able to remove the chassis and use the 16 inch barrel on its own. 

Autmn Fry Loves The Apex

“Well, I really like this gun. It is a lot of fun, and I think we’re gonna have it out a lot more. Yeah, now with my purple gun. It does match it, but I really like this on my own on its own. Wait, I forgot to do. I want to do one more test. Okay, cool. It’s gonna be out of the chassis with the 16 inch barrel,” she said

Fry also appreciated the aesthetics of the kit, noting that it added a unique look to her pistol. “I really like this on its own. It looks weird, but I kind of like it,” she commented. The long barrel of the bullpup rifle conversion gave her pistol an unusual appearance, but Fry found it to be a fun and interesting addition to her collection.

What one should find impressive about this kit is that it reduces recoil enough that even a 10-year-old child like Autumn Fry can use it with ease. The kit allows for easy handling, making it perfect for anyone who wants to have fun while shooting.

The APEX Pistol to Bullpup Rifle Conversion Kit is an excellent way to take your Glock to the next level and experience a full-size bullpup.

In conclusion, Autumn Fry of Autumn’s Armory had a great time testing the META Tactical APEX Bullpup conversion kit. She found it to be a lot of fun, easy to use, and was impressed by its accuracy and reduced recoil. The kit also impressed her with its legal compliance and straightforward installation process. 

Autumn Fry expressed her enthusiasm for the product, stating that it was a great addition to her collection and she looks forward to using it in the future. With its unique design and ease of use, the META Tactical APEX Bullpup conversion kit is a great option for anyone looking to enhance their Glock and try something new.

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