Tactical toolbox Agrees APEX CCK is Best Carbine Conversion Kit

In a recent YouTube video review by Tactical Tool Box, the host delves into the world of Glock Bullpup conversions, specifically the META TACTICALS APEX Pistol to Bullpup Rifle Carbine Conversion Kit. This review aims to determine the kit’s value and uniqueness compared to other Glock carbine conversions like the Micro Roni, while also discussing its functionality, features, and the reviewer’s personal experience. Notably, this conversion kit stands out as the only Carbine Conversion Kit unaffected by the ATF’s Pistol Brace Ban. Join us as we explore the highlights of this insightful review.

“Alright, party people! So, this is a Glock Bullpup conversion, and what makes this so interesting is that the ATF (also known as the Automatic Transmission Fluid) can’t regulate it. In this video, we’re going to find out:

Is this thing actually worth it or not?

What makes this unique from other Glock carbine conversions, such as the Micro Roni and similar products?”

Objective and Unbiased Assessment:

Right from the start, the host emphasizes the importance of objective reviews and how he strives to evaluate products without bias. While the Bullpup conversion was provided by Meta Tactical, the reviewer assures viewers that his assessment remains impartial, as he does not let sponsorship influence his opinions. The reviewer encourages viewers to seek multiple perspectives before forming their own conclusions.

“Now, something you should know is that Meta Tactical sent this out for me to review. I didn’t pay for it with money. However, for those of you who know me and have watched my previous videos, I don’t really care if I give a company a bad review because no one pays me to make these videos.

“They send a part out, but I don’t consider that as payment that can support my family. So, I try to look at these products as objectively as I possibly can. But take that with a grain of salt. I always recommend that you watch other people’s videos as well because sometimes I may have a fantastic experience with a product while others don’t, or vice versa. That has happened many times.”

Addressing Past Concerns:

Having tested various Glock carbine conversions in the past, the reviewer acknowledges that each one had its drawbacks, preventing him from fully embracing them for everyday carry (EDC) purposes. However, he suggests that this Bullpup conversion may have overcome the majority of those concerns, sparking interest in its potential.

“I’ve even done a couple of Bullpup conversions, like the one I did on the 10/22 a few years ago. However, each one of those, from the Ronis to the Flux brace to the other Bullpup, had one or two things that I didn’t really like about them. Due to those concerns, I never chose to incorporate them into my everyday carry (EDC), not that I would carry them on my person, but maybe in the truck or in a backpack, and so on. 

Improvements Over Previous Conversions:

The host shares their positive impressions of the META TACTICALS APEX conversion, indicating that it might solve the majority of the issues faced with other similar products.

“It’s not that I don’t think they were capable of being good enough for that purpose; it’s just that I wasn’t comfortable with them. However, I think this Bullpup conversion may have solved the majority of those problems. ”

The Unregulated Conversion Kit:

The video emphasizes the ATF’s inability to regulate the META TACTICALS APEX conversion due to its use of a 16-inch barrel that complies with overall length requirements. By using a standard Glock barrel, the conversion allows for easy installation and eliminates the need for a pistol brace, setting it apart from other Glock carbine conversions like the Micro Roni and similar products. However, the video acknowledges the possibility of future ATF changes, based on their history of altering their stance on firearm regulations.

“Now, let’s get into why the ATF can’t regulate this Bullpup conversion. This chassis system has one special feature that no other chassis system has. It uses a 16-inch barrel, which installs just like any other Glock barrel—very easily. Once installed, you can screw on a muzzle device if you choose, or simply put a thread protector on it. With that in place, you now have a 16-inch pistol.”

“The reason the ATF can’t regulate this effectively is because it uses a 16-inch barrel and meets the overall length requirements. However, there is a caveat to this. As we’ve seen in the past with ATF rulings, they tend to change their stance over time. For example, in 2018, they said we could all shoulder braces, but two years later, they decided to try and ban braces after already giving their approval.”

So, while this Bullpup conversion doesn’t use a brace like every other Glock carbine conversion I’ve tested, and it provides the 16-inch barrel without looking obnoxious, there’s always a possibility that ATF tactics can change.”

Extensive Compatibility:

The reviewer highlights the versatility of the conversion kit, as it is compatible with various Glock models, excluding subcompact versions. It can also be used with Glock 34 and large frame Glocks, such as the Glock 20 and Glock 21. Additionally, it is compatible with different size P80s, the Palmetto State Armory Dagger compact version, the Smith & Wesson M&P four-inch and four and a quarter-inch versions, as well as the Shadow Systems MR920 and DR920.

“One problem that many other chassis systems have had in the past is that they were only available for Glocks. I remember receiving comments on previous videos asking about compatibility with P80 and other variants. This Bullpup conversion seems to have solved that issue. This is available for pretty much any Glock that your little heart desires, except for Sub Compact models. It will also fit the Palmetto State Armory Dagger, specifically the compact version. Furthermore, it is compatible with the Smith & Wesson M&P in both the four-inch and four and a quarter-inch versions. Lastly, it is available for the Shadow Systems MR920 and DR920..”

Functionality and Safety:

The reviewer emphasizes his positive range experience with the Bullpup conversion, noting that it delivered consistent performance with no malfunctions or jams. He commends the inclusion of an ambidextrous side charger, facilitating ease of use during malfunctions and magazine changes. The conversion also features manual safety, providing an additional layer of security when transporting the firearm. The reviewer appreciates this feature for scenarios where the firearm may be stored in a backpack or vehicle.

“Firstly, it features an ambidextrous side charger at the front, which can be operated from either side. One important feature that many other Glock carbine conversions lacked is a manual safety. When it comes to my everyday carry handguns, having a manual safety is important to me. When it comes to something like this Bullpup conversion that you might want to put into a backpack or mount in your truck or car, having some form of manual safety is crucial. It can prevent accidental trigger pulls if something bumps into the firearm, such as inside your bag. This particular conversion has a safety feature. With the safety engaged, you cannot pull the trigger. Pressing the button on the side disengages the safety, allowing the trigger to be pulled. It can be easily re-engaged with your thumb, although you need to adjust your grip slightly to reach it. Overall, it’s a nice and effective safety mechanism.”

““I installed my Gen 5 Glock 19 into the chassis at the range, and I didn’t encounter any functionality problems, malfunctions, or jams. Sometimes, Bullpup conversions can have a slightly spongy trigger feel, but with the Apex trigger I currently have installed, I do feel a bit of springiness. However, as I put more rounds downrange and broke it in, the springiness started to diminish, and I could feel the characteristics of the Apex trigger more clearly.”

“The manual of arms for this conversion isn’t tricky, but it might take a little getting used to. Firstly, it features an ambidextrous side charger at the front, which can be operated from either side. This is convenient because it allows you to keep your eye on the target while clearing malfunctions or performing magazine changes. There is a button on the side to drop the magazine free. The slide lock/slide release is easily accessible from this position, except when the conversion is in the compressed position, in which case it’s not possible to reach it with your thumb. In such cases, if you need to reload, you can release the slide by pulling on the charging handle. However, when the conversion is fully extended, the slide lock/slide release works perfectly well.””

Thoughtful Design and Accessories:

The Bullpup conversion exhibits careful design considerations, with built-in thumb rest functionality and a magazine carrier that doubles as a foregrip. The reviewer finds the thumb rest convenient and opines that it negates the need for additional thumb rest accessories. The conversion also provides Picatinny rails for attaching lights, enhancing versatility and customization options.

“This Bullpup conversion is available in multiple colors. They sent me two different colors upon my request. One is in Gray, and they also make them in Tan, Black, and OD Green.”


“There are accessories available for this conversion. The one I have has two small Picatinny rails on each side, which can be used to attach lights. Additionally, there’s a piece that serves as a magazine carrier and foregrip.

Another cool feature is that this piece also acts as a thumb rest, providing a comfortable spot for your thumb while shooting. There are thumb rests specifically designed for this conversion, but I don’t see the need for them since the built-in rest works well.”

Challenges and Adjustments:

While the reviewer did not encounter any malfunctions, he mentions two minor challenges. First, zeroing the sights proved tricky due to the height over bore of the red dot used. However, with some adjustments, the sights were properly zeroed. The reviewer highlights the importance of considering the specific red dot chosen for this conversion to ensure optimal performance.

“At the range, I didn’t experience any malfunctions, but I did encounter two issues. The first problem was zeroing the sights. My friend Mike from Tactical Considerations in Iowa joined me at the range and helped me zero the sights because we were struggling to get them on target. The issue seemed to be related to the height over bore of the red dot I was using. The red dot had a slight riser, and the height of the bore in relation to the optic caused us to nearly run out of elevation adjustment to align it with the target. However, we managed to adjust it enough to get it properly zeroed, so it turned out well. This wasn’t necessarily a drawback, but it’s important to be aware of the red dot you choose to mount on this conversion.”

Final Thoughts:

The Tactical Tool Box review offers valuable insights into the META TACTICALS APEX Pistol to Bullpup Rifle Carbine Conversion Kit, emphasizing its uniqueness as an ATF-proof conversion kit. The review explores its compatibility, features, range performance, and highlights the potential advantages it offers over other Glock carbine conversions. As always, the video encourages viewers to seek multiple perspectives before making a purchasing decision and emphasizes the importance of supporting the Second Amendment community.

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