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“It is REALLY easy to operate,… from installing the barrel to installing it into the bullpup kit”


Hey there friends thanks for checking in. Today we’re looking at a META Tactical bullpup kit for the Glock 19. They call this the apex series. I currently have a Glock 19 in there,… mine’s a gen 4 works no problem super easy to install. You are turning your 4-inch Glock barrel into a 16-inch carbine barrel in a bullpup configuration. They have this available with the m&p models the p80 models and the Glock models. Also available with 9mm, 10mm, .40, and .45 ACP. They mentioned that they’re going to come out with additional handguns that can be converted into this bullpup kit. But I mentioned it’s super easy. It’s loaded with features I can’t wait to show you that and then we’re going to take it to the range to check it out to see how well this fires.

Let me show you the installation. I would say a minute and a half on the long end to insert your Glock 19 or if you got the m&p kit whatever into this bullpup kit and I have to say so far I’m pretty impressed. Let’s check it out.

Let me show you how to convert this pistol into a bullpup with the conversion kit. We’ll go ahead and show clear here and disassemble the Glock 19. This is a gen4, had it for a while, and here is the four inch barrel. We’re going to change it out with this 16 inch barrel by reassembling it the exact same way. All right, so we’re going to put this in here like that and use the same recoil spring guide rod assembly and now I have a 16 inch barrel on my Glock 19.

META Tactical APEX-Series Carbine Conversion Kit

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I’m going to take the kit and push this pin out from the opposite direction and remove that. This lever here will release the back end so we can throw this Glock into the bullpup kit. We’ll go ahead and shut it, put the pin back that keeps everything sturdy and then they also have a flash hider. You could use a flash hider or a thread cap. I’m just going to use the thread cap. I’ll end up uh keeping it just like that. I’m pretty sure no real reason for a flash hider in my opinion. And then you can put the mag in it just as you would in its pistol form. That right there, those serrations right there is your mag release.

Now the stock is adjustable. This right here, you can adjust in several different positions you can see all those teeth in there those are areas that you can adjust it but I think you need to have it at least here so that you can access the slide stop, and this is why. On your last shot okay slides lock back you’re going to want to use your opposite thumb to release that when you throw another mag in. Okay but it’s very cool to be able to drop

that.  Easy assemble and disassemble. You disassemble it the exact same way. Now there is the grip, it has a skeletonized trigger, m-lock forend, full pic rail. I have a vortex spark or I’m sorry, vortex spitfire AR optic on there. It’s got a polymer grip. The whole kit is polymer. Let me go ahead and show you the trigger now. With the bullpup it has a trigger arm that goes to the original trigger on the Glock 19, so you’re not going to get that five and a half pound trigger pull, closer to eight and a half, but here’s what we’re looking at for the reset.

Custom 16″ Barrel

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All right ambidextrous charger, ambidextrous design all throughout. To disassemble to go back into pistol form you remove this pin and you do the exact same thing in reverse Order. Pull out the block, and there you go. Then I’d have to take the thread cap off to get this barrel out of here but it’s that simple. And they call this the world’s first conversion kit from pistol to bullpup and i think it’s pretty cool.

So now let’s take it to the range.

The APEX series is part of META Tactical’s series of bullpups. It is very lightweight, all polymer made, ambidextrous throughout. I spoke a lot about it on my table review, but one of the things i like is the simplicity with it. It is really easy to operate everything from installing the barrel to inserting it into the bullpup kit. It’s pretty light i have to say it’s pretty light, easy to operate. One of the things that I did not mention is that this pin that comes out. This is what activates the trigger from the trigger, from the actual trigger on the bullpup, to the trigger on the Glock. So as this fires this flush fitting piece here reciprocates it would not interfere at all. The MSRP on this is $599. Now I do have a discount code from META Tactical. TheFirearmGuy10 will get you 10% off, and that is pretty substantial from $599 MSRP.

Nice shooting! You can add a can on there if you choose, put a light or something like that, even a four end with the m lock slots. A lot of options with this and I do think the simplicity of the mag release is really easy. With the bullpup kit you also get this carrying case. Very nice, heavy nylon, strong zippers,… I think that’s a nice touch. It also has a safety right there that’ll disengage. I’ll go ahead and disengage it. Let’s go ahead and take a few more shots.

All right! Nice bullpup kit! I think I mentioned this is flat dark earth they also have a Gray, od green, and black. All the same price. I also mentioned this opening here allows you to drop the slide. Makes it pretty easy. Let’s take a few more shots here.

So there it is. META Tactical APEX Bullpup Kit currently for the Glock 19.  It’ll run as reliable as your Glock 19 will. I know a lot of people say it’s one of the most reliable handguns out there or the other models that I mentioned. $599 – thefirearmguy channel will get you 10% off. If you’re interested, check it out. I think it’s a good looking bullpup kit. I’m a fan of bullpups, and I think META Tactical did a nice job.

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