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Is the APEX Suppressor Compatible?

The Meta Tactical Apex has seen success being fired while suppressed with subsonic ammunition. We cannot guarantee every suppressor will work as there are many options available. We recommend using a suppressor with a booster/Nielsen device to ensure the best level of functionality along with subsonic ammunition. We understand that all ammo is not created equal, so you may need to do some experimentation if you see failures.

The thread on your APEX barrel is not a common suppressor thread. The thread spec is 9/16″ x 20. The functionality of your 16″ drop in barrel relies highly on the weight distribution of the barrel after installation. The suppressor market has a wide range of products with a high variance of weight and pressure. After testing a few products, the META team made the decision to release the product with an atypical thread to reduce the risk of our users attaching a barrel of improper weight and thus causing failures.

META Tactical is working on compiling documentation of our internal testing along with user feedback to publish a list of compatible ammo and suppressors. Please let us know if you’re having success with a particular combination as we would love to share your success with our community!

If your barrel thread is 9/16″x20, we now manufacture adapters that will be available to purchase for the typical 9mm (1/2×28) thread size. The Thread Adapter link is here.

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