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How To Clean A Glock Conversion Kit

Cleaning your Glock pistol is an easy task. Some people argue that there is no need to clean your Glock, however at META Tactical, we like to keep our guns clean – especially our 16” barrels for Glock.

Cleaning your Glock Pistol

To start, always make sure your Glock pistol is unloaded and that there is no round in the chamber. It is advisable to remove all ammunition from the room when cleaning your Glock pistol, as many accidents occur every year from cleaning firearms. It’s a good idea to always check that your gun is safe and unloaded before you pull the trigger if you’re not on the range and ready to fire safely.

Once you’ve ensured that your Glock handgun is unloaded, the next step is to make sure the trigger is not reset (simply pull the trigger on an empty chamber).

Removing the Glock Slide

Next, slightly pull back the slide of your Glock, and then pull and hold down the release tabs on both sides of the Glock handgun at the same time, while still holding the slide back slightly. Once you have the tabs all the way down, release the slide and pull it forward. It should slide right off, barrel and all. If you meet any resistance, try the above steps again. Ensure the trigger is down, the slide is pulled back slightly, and the release tabs are all the way down.

Remvoing the Recoil Spring and Barrel

Next, you can remove the recoil spring/guide rod from your Glock pistol. It should pull out with ease. Once the recoil spring is removed, the barrel of your Glock will no longer have anything retaining it, so be cautious that it does not fall out.

With the recoil spring assembly removed, remove your Glock factory barrel. You should now have 4 components: your Glock frame, your Glock slide, your Glock barrel, and your Glock recoil spring & guide rod assembly.

Clean Your Glock

Now that your Glock handgun is disassembled, you have a few options for cleaning it. Many people enjoy using bore snakes to clean the barrel, with their choice of bore cleaner. META Tactical sells bore snakes for multiple calibers here. (hyperlink) You can use your solvent of choice to clean the barrel. Simply apply a bit of solvent to the front end of the bore snake, in front of the copper bristles (if your bore snake has bristles), and a bit of lubricant to the back end of the bore snake. Drop the weighted end of the bore snake down the barrel, and pull it through the barrel to clean it. Repeat this a few times and your Glock barrel is cleaned!

Clean Your APEX Bullpup Glock Carbine Conversion Kit

Due to the 16″ Glock barrel and chassis design, there are not many areas that require cleaning in your APEX Carbine Conversion Kit due to use. The main area is the ejection port. You can use a rag or nylon brush, along with some dish soap to clean the plastic chassis. A light coat of WD-40 will bring the plastic back to a nice luster. To clean the internals of the Glock frame and slide a solvent is used. Then, we finish it off with a light coat of oil to keep everything lubricated and rust free.

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