Shotshow 2023 Recap – Meta tactical Presents The Apex Series

Meta Tacticals Shotshow 2023 experience was described as unforgettable. Just days after the ATF passed a new ruling essentially banning Pistol Braces, our APEX Series Carbine Conversion Kits stood out as being the only solution on the market that could legally convert a pistol into a bullpup style rifle. Since it isn’t a bumpstock, brace, and long enough to not be classified as an Short Barreled Rifle (SBR) it slipped by this controversial ATF regulation. 

It wasn’t long ago some of the biggest influencers and activists in the industry such as Black Rambo, Tactical Karl, and Candi Rose helped cultivate media attention to our brand and product. The event was one for the books, indeed.

It was all smiles and positivity as we witnessed Tactical Karl giving Candi Rose a detailed presentation of the APEX Series.

As the true showman that he is, he even got down and dirty taking aim from the ground using the bi-pod attachment.

META Tactical felt the connections made with the Shot Show 2023 attendees from distributors to retail shops and everything in between was a fantastic experience. The aforementioned ATF ruling garnered tons of interest and inquiries regarding META Tacticals elite product from so many, including many Shot Show veterans who had been going for over 20 years and said they’ve never seen anything like the APEX Series.  

Once they saw a demonstration of simply pulling out a firearm with our 16” barrel attached they seemed in awe of the potential to capitalize on the current market which left our product as the best, if not the only solution to convert pistols into a fully functioning legal rifle.

This Video Produced by R & J Media Group and Featuring Meta Tactical’s Jon Quintano, Operations Manager.

Some of the most notable distributors that expressed interest were Nations Best Sports – a nationwide sporting goods buying group; Sports South – a leading pioneer in the firearm distribution since 1841; and Zanders, a company exemplifying equality of opportunity within our industry, proudly being all female owned. There were many others we had the pleasure of bumping stocks with to discuss promising innovations on the horizon, pivoting from the contentious ATF Pistol Brace ruling.

The crew from META Tactical spent days letting the world know about the APEX Series, from doing live interviews to chatting with local gun store owners pushing the product forward to be easily available to law abiding Americans who seek improved protection from the unforeseen predators that lurk in nature – from either the forests in their backyards to the concrete jungles of Urban America .

Shot Show 2023 was one of the most exciting events META Tactical has ever attended along with our brothers in arms fighting for our 2nd Amendment rights with sheer ingenuity and integrity.  META Tactical is proud to have been able to present the APEX Series which was demonstrably one of the best kits on the market, along with other amazing new products from some of the most prolific brands in the industry.

The biggest highlight was META Tacticals announcement of the price drop for the APEX Series Pistol to Rifle Carbine Conversion Kits from $599 to $499 with additional discounts to dealers, retailers, distributors, or wholesalers in the firearm industry. 

META Tactical considered Shot Show 2023 a major success for our industry, despite another kink in our 2nd amendment armor delivered by the – some may call “egregious” government agency – the ATF.

Be sure to check META Tactical out next year with even more products in the works.

If you are a dealer, distributor or wholesaler in the firearm industry and would like the opportunity to stock our APEX Carbine Conversion Kits and accessories we invite you to apply. 

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