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“Yes, that works. Hitting steel at one hundred yards, 9 mm” Beyond Seclusion

Now we have seen a lot of things come out that hold pistols that look like SBR carbines, you know, give them braces basically take a pistol and put it in something that you know we can hold. And I have to say many of them have caught my attention, but most of them lost it because I just didn’t want to mess with the ATF you know and shouldering. You know, are they pistols, are they carbines?

Now most all of them that I have seen have been and been asked to review, use the original pistol barrel which then you know gets into that that gray area that a lot of us don’t want to mess with. Now at shot show 2022, I came across the Meta Tactical in their Apex. Now because this puts a 16-inch barrel okay comes all the way out to here on the pistol is considered a carbine by the ATF. At least that’s what I was told by Meta Tactical when specifically asked and they assured me that this has all been dealt with and approved by the ATF. That’s a thumbs up, that definitely got my attention, let’s see what we can do with this.

I’m Drew Case, welcome to Beyond Seclusion where I only give you my honest opinion and it is what it is. Okay, let’s just take a quick look at the specs in tech and check it out up close and see just how quick and easy we can put my Glock 17 in here. Okay, so just real quick, kind of, I guess out of the box, out of the bag, we open this up and what we have here is the 16-inch barrel. This is awesome! Okay, so this is the 16-inch barrel with the thread protector, and I’ll show you how super easy we’re just going to put this in our Glock. And it also comes with a comp. Okay, so real quick, let’s just take this out, get rid of the bag here, this is actually pretty genius. I’m really anxious to see how it shoots. It looks complicated, but guys, it’s k-i-s-s, and I love k-i-s-s keep it simple stupid.

Um, real quick, front to back, you know back here we’ve got the adjustable length for the stock okay this button here this is going to break this whole thing open, and my Glock is just going to fit right in here with the 16-inch barrel. This here this pin, I’m going to pull that out my Glock’s going to go in. I’m going to close that and this is going to be in fright in front of the trigger and I will push that down. Safety up here, ambidextrous. Safety trigger pull, you’re going to be surprised. And then, the charging handle is ambidextrous so we can charge it on both sides and it’s going to be free floating, and then we have m lock here. But enough of that, let’s just put it in super easy.

Okay I’ve got a Glock, I have the plate on here, I went ahead and took the plate and the optic off. We just take this 16-inch barrel we take off the thread protector and it just goes all the way in. And we take the spring that came with it. I know I’ve got a Glock, you know, just I don’t know we’ll try this too just shooting the Glock with a 16-inch barrel, that could be interesting, okay.

Now, okay, so we take this, we pop up this pin, open up the back, this is just going to slide in. Okay, nice snug fit, should be, pin is going to go down, this clamps on, and voila, we have a free float barrel. Be interesting to see, I can’t wait to see, what kind of accuracy we get. We’ve got charging handle, let’s see, okay, I don’t have any mag in and there is the ejection. We’ll see how this works, but I got it ambidextrous, both sides okay. I’ve got safety here, let’s push it in, no safety, push it out. Here’s our trigger pull, okay, pretty Glock trigger-ish, creep, but, hey you know that’s not bad. Now, I do have a custom trigger in this but, it feels pretty much the same as is. Now, okay, so the mag, this is going to be bullpup style, mag goes in here, mag release right there, if it were on the other side we’ve got ambidextrous, okay, and because it’s Glock, we have, the last round bolt hold open and then we can adjust this to the length we want it is actually I’ll show you get outside it’s actually quite comfortable to hold very loose and with shortening this up it’s almost a Tavor. I’ll show you can get about five points of contact with this to hold this thing rock solid I’m going to put the comp on and I’ll put an optic on actually, I’m going to try Mepra sent me some pop-up iron sights, we’ll give those a try, but yeah, let’s just get outside and have some fun with this.

All right ambidextrous charger, ambidextrous design all throughout. To disassemble to go back into pistol form you remove this pin and you do the exact same thing in reverse Order. Pull out the block, and there you go. Then I’d have to take the thread cap off to get this barrel out of here but it’s that simple. And they call this the world’s first conversion kit from pistol to bullpup and i think it’s pretty cool.

You know, that’s not, actually too bad. Considering I’m using, uh, sergeant major. It’s a zinc plated, but you know, it’s essentially Tula steel case zinc plated ammo. I’m going to dial it in, and then I’m going to get some of my Gecko and a couple others that I usually get really tight groups with and see what we can do.

Okay, I’ve got some of my SAR usa ammo, 124 grain NATO. Let’s just see how that works back here at the CQB range, and if you hear some odd sounds that’s my peacocks is kind of coming into their mating season and they’re being really loud obnoxious. The, there we go, all right. Let’s see what we can do here.

Okay, that was fun, that was really fun! I want to do more! Okay now, for a lot of people they’re going to be like me, and if I have this, I want to be able to reach a little farther than you know the ultimate CQB. Let’s just go out here to twenty-five, you know, for most people that’s going to be stretching for a pistol and uh, you know, just see what we can do here. (laughs) That worked ????. Yes, good people can do that with a pistol most; people can’t do that with a pistol. So, there’s one positive right there for it. Okay, and because this is a carbine, I can snug it up. I don’t have to worry about stuff. I can also put a forend on here, but actually I don’t like that with this, I like it because I can go almost like a Tavor, I can get multiple points of contact here, um, for some, some awesome stability. We’ll put that to the test though.

Okay, I do, I do like that. I do like that I want to go and see what we can do at some distance beyond twenty-five, fifty, and the close quarters. But yeah, close quarters. And remember guys, with a 16-inch barrel you’re going to get a lot of increased velocity. That nine is going to have more punch to it. You throw a good hollow point, bonded bullet in there and you get a pretty good self defense weapon. Not to mention this thing is easy to use. Folks, if you’re enjoying this review do you follow my channel? Would you be willing to help support the channel if it costs you nothing, nada, zip, zero. Hit that subscribe button. That does as much as anything, so hit that button! I just got a new web page, home of the crazy stupid deals you have to check it out. You will be shocked to see some of the deals that I find. You can now subscribe to be notified immediately when I find them, cost you nothing. I did this for those of you that don’t like Facebook. If you do follow Facebook, come check me out and follow me there too. If you ever shop on Amazon, simply go in through my links below in the description, anything and everything you purchase help support the channel. Going through my links and it costs you nothing. You can literally buy toilet paper and this helps support the channel. Check out my company picks, the companies I purchase most often from and find most of my crazy stupid deals on. Using these links supports the channel and keeps the reviews coming. While you’re there check out my highly rated online courses, they come with a 30-day money back guarantee. See for yourself what folks are saying about them. Bottom line, check out my web page, lots of good stuff there and doing so helps support the channel. Thanks for your support, I couldn’t do this without you.

I can hit the steel right now. Need something a little more entertaining here. Yes, that works. Hitting steel at one hundred yards, nine mil. Let’s try two hundred. It never fails, right when you’re getting ready to shoot, especially at some distance like two hundred with a nine mil, the wind kicks up. Wait, could be dying down here, anyway, let’s give it a go. See what we can do here at one hundred, bagging it. So now I found where it’s aiming. If you follow my channel, I do a lot of nines. Um, I can’t quite seem to get the accuracy that I do with some of my others. But, then again, I’ve got a pistol, inserted inside of a polymer shell. It is what it is. There you have it, it is what it is. You decide what you think.

I hope you enjoyed the video, found it helpful. If so, help support the channel. Be sure and hit that subscribe button, this really helps the most. Like and comment. Until next time guys, happy shooting! Remember educate our young people to guns and gun safety. Every time you’re out shooting remember you’re an ambassador for the second amendment, so be a safe and responsible gun owner!

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