Glock Conversion Kits are Becoming More and More Popular

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Glock conversion kits are becoming more and more popular every day. META Tactical has designed the world’s first-ever bullpup style pistol carbine conversion kit. While Glock conversion kits are the most popular, the APEX series bullpup carbine conversion supports more than just Glock handguns. A P80 (Polymer 80) Glock bullpup conversion is also supported, along with many other models to come such as our (S&W) Smith & Wesson carbine conversion kit and other popular hand gun conversion kit models. 

One of META Tactical’s best features is how simple it is to use – even when swapping out your 4” in barrel for META Tactical’s proprietary 16” barrel. It allows you to turn your pistol into a carbine style compact rifle with ease. Our compact bullpup conversion kit design was inspired by other popular micro conversion kits such as the CAA MCK micro conversion kit, the Micro Roni or Roni conversion kit, Recover Tactical pistol conversion kit, FAB Defense, and others who have created great handgun conversion kits and related products and accessories.

At META Tactical, we set out to build upon these giants and create a product that would avoid the tax stamp scrutiny related to most conversion kit stabilizer brace laws. Many believe these laws are a violation of our rights, however the ATF may advise lawmakers to ban stabilizer brace products, and they may be made illegal in the near future.

Glock 19 (Gen 3-5) 16″ Barrel

Our APEX series, lovingly known by many as the “Glock Bullpup” or “Bullpup Glock”, (see SHOP page to review all P80 pistol conversion kit options and S&W carbine conversion kits available) avoids these unfair regulations. By providing a 16 inch barrel for a Glock and measuring at a 26” overall length, the APEX carbine conversion kit is allowed to have a stock (not a stabilizer brace), as well as allowing the use of legal vertical grips and other accessories.

The APEX series bullpup conversion kit features our proprietary 16” glock barrel (available stand-alone for $300 retail). Once the barrel is swapped into your Glock pistol, simply slide your Glock into the APEX chassis and you have your bullpup Glock (or bullpup P80 Glock / bullpup pistol S&W !)

Speaking of Glock carbines, have you seen Glock’s patent for the Glock Carbine?

We couldn’t wait, as there’s no guarantee this patent will come to life anytime soon…so we designed the next best thing! Our APEX series Glock pistol conversion kit is all Glock for the “engine”, with our APEX Glock chassis to support the extra barrel length and allow use of all your favorite accessories. Our 16” barrel for Glock has tons of testing to ensure reliability, accuracy, and safety. It’s not much different than any other 3rd party barrel, (other than the awesome 16” length) so you are ensured the great Glock reliability we all know and love! Meta Tactical’s bullpup rifle kit will turn your Glock or other handgun into a Glock carbine with full support for all the best Glock accessory and rifle accessories. Want to use a 50 round drum for Glock ? No problem! Want to use Glock high capacity magazines? You got it! Most Glock with extended clips are supported as well. 

Our handgun conversion kit supports 9mm Glock 19, 9mm Glock 17, 9mm Glock 26, even the 9mm Glock 34 like the gun in John Wick! Don’t worry though, .40 Glocks like the .40 Glock 22, .40 Glock 23, .40 Glock 27 – and .45 Glocks like the .45 Glock 21 are supported too. We even have a conversion kit for the 10mm Glock 20!

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