Benefits and Features of a Bullpup Rifle

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Many people ask what the benefits of a Bullpup rifle are. Here at META Tactical, we are big fans of Bullpup style rifles, so we created the world’s first “bullpup Glock” or “Glock bullpup” as some people say (no time for a po tay to po tah to debate). Bullpup rifles are a style of rifle in which the gun’s action is located behind the trigger. This places these components behind the shooter’s hand, and closer to your body. Many features are unique to bullpup rifles. Our favorite feature is length, or rather how compact bullpup carbines can be without reducing barrel length. 

From the Tavor to the Steyr AUG, there are many bullpups available, but we couldn’t find a bullpup conversion kit. So the team at META Tactical set out to create the world’s first bullpup conversion kit: a product that is unique, favors the law and other possible future regulations, as well as giving you another use for your handgun. We believe our carbine conversion kit is future proof from new stabilizer brace laws which may ban or heavily regulate many pistol conversion kits with stabilizer braces that are currently on the market. We know our friends selling CAA MCKs, Ronis and other conversion kits are super frustrated and we empathize with them.

Our APEX series Glock carbine conversion is the shortest rifle currently on the market, at around 23” fully collapsed, allowing huge space savings while still keeping a 16” barrel. This means your bullpup conversion kit can easily fit in a bag or be stowed away or concealed more conveniently than a non-bullpup style rifle. 

Another benefit of short overall length is how easy it is to maneuver a bullpup, or in our case a bullpup pistol conversion, especially in tight spaces. In addition to simply shorter length, your axis is changed by bringing your forward grip closer to the end of the barrel, allowing you to pivot and reach around corners more easily than a traditional rifle in tight spaces. The smaller size of our Glock bullpup and bullpups in general, in combination with different ergonomics, allow for faster shouldering, reducing the time it takes to aim and get on target from rest.
No need for a folding stock. Even fully extended, a bullpup carbine, and especially our bullpup Glock, is often more compact than a traditional rifle with a folding stock. Most users will not be firing their rifle with the stock folded anyhow, so a folding stock does not provide much benefit other than for stowage purposes. Our APEX series pistol conversion kit features a collapsible stock for maximum utility.

META Tactical APEX-Series Carbine Conversion Kit

Weight balance. With the addition of many accessories, traditional rifles can become very forward heavy. Many users find themselves trying to save weight anywhere they can, in an attempt to manage this extra weight. In a bullpup carbine, the weight distribution is often much better balanced, and the addition of accessories is not as much of a concern, as bullpups are typically shorter and therefore lighter in and of themselves. Our APEX series carbine conversion kit is balanced with the weight a bit more towards the user’s body (due to the handgun placed inside of the chassis), which helps provide a stable feeling that may help the user maintain more control over the firearm. In addition, bullpup carbines typically have a lower felt recoil, in part due to the bolt cycling further back in the firearm and towards your body. With our APEX series micro conversion kit, recoil is very light, which helps with control and accuracy of the Glock carbine conversion kit.

Lighter weight. Bullpups are typically lighter in weight than traditional rifles, which aids in maneuverability and helps prevent fatigue. Our APEX series Glock carbine weighs in at just under 3.25 lbs, making it an extremely light firearm, while still featuring our 16” barrel for Glock. This lets you not worry about weight as much, so you can carry extra rounds on-board with glock drum mags, Glock extended clips, Glock high capacity magazines, and others with ease.
Ergonomics. Bullpups are usually found to be more ergonomic and sit better in the user’s hands when in firing position. This ties into the weight balance. When a shooter is more comfortable holding a firearm, they tend to perform better. Our APEX series pistol conversion kit provides a great balance to provide maximum comfort while firing your Glock bullpup.

Glock 19 (Gen 3-5) 16″ Barrel

Magazine behind the trigger. Mag changes may take some practice getting used to, but with time most users find they can adapt without a noticeable difference in reloading speed. Our APEX series carbine conversion kit features an ambidextrous mag release and mag in the rear, and an open magwell area to allow plenty of space for Glock drums and Glock high capacity magazines.

Features of OUR APEX series bullpup carbine conversion kit:

Unique trigger linkage mechanism retains your handgun’s trigger pull. Don’t like your stock trigger’s pull or feel? Simply switch out your trigger to one that is more akin to your liking, and the APEX series Glock bullpup trigger will mimic that feel very closely. No more complaining about bullpup triggers! The power is in your hands to change the feel with our APEX series micro conversion kit!

Ambidextrous capable ejection:

Our APEX series bullpup carbine has the ejection port close to the shooter’s face, but due to our shell deflector, even left-handed shooters can enjoy shooting a bullpup Glock without issues regarding brass ejection.

APEX Bullpup carbine accessories:It’s sometimes more difficult to find accessories for bullpups than it is for a more common platform like an AR15. At META Tactical, we set out to create a line of accessories that integrate perfectly with our APEX series bullpup carbine conversion kit. Some examples include our angled foregrip mag holder, which supports all Glock mags, Glock drums, and Glock extended clips… our moldable angled foregrip and moldable pistol grip, and our affordable picatinny rails! While designed with our APEX series bullpup Glock in mind, many of our accessories can be used on any bullpup carbine or other rifle of your choosing!