How To Clean A Glock Conversion Kit

Cleaning your Glock pistol is an easy task. Some people argue that there is no need to clean your Glock, however at META Tactical, we like to keep our guns clean – especially our 16” barrels for Glock. Cleaning your Glock Pistol To start, always make sure your Glock pistol is unloaded and that there […]

APEX Glock Conversion Kit

META Glock conversion kits are becoming more and more popular every day. Here at META Tactical, we all love conversion kits, has designed the world’s first-ever bullpup style pistol carbine conversion kit. Glock conversion kits are the most popular. The APEX series bullpup carbine conversion supports more than Glock handguns. A P80 (Polymer 80) Glock […]

How do I know What Generation Glock I have?

First, we want to simply look at the side of the handgun, and look at the markings on the left side of the slide. See if your Glock has the generation stamped in the side. Only gen 4 and gen 5 have these markings. If there is no generation marking on the side of your […]

Why does my Pistol barrel tilt?

Have you ever noticed your Glock’s barrel tilting while firing? The answer is likely no. The slide covers the barrel, and the cycle happens fast, so it’s hard to notice if you’re not looking for it. It’s easier to see while disassembling or cleaning your Glock pistol. When using a 16″ barrel in your pistol, […]

704Tactical Review Video

“One of the most impressive conversion kits I’ve ever seen for a Glock or similar pistol” 704 Tactical Build and Price Alright guys we’re back today with one of the most impressive conversion kits I’ve ever seen for a Glock or similar pistol. It transforms your handgun into an actual rifle using a 16-inch barrel […]

Beyond Seclusion Review Video

“Yes, that works. Hitting steel at one hundred yards, 9 mm” Beyond Seclusion Build and Price Now we have seen a lot of things come out that hold pistols that look like SBR carbines, you know, give them braces basically take a pistol and put it in something that you know we can hold. And […]

TheFirearmGuy Review Video

“It is REALLY easy to operate,… from installing the barrel to installing it into the bullpup kit” TheFireArmGuy  Build and Price Hey there friends thanks for checking in. Today we’re looking at a META Tactical bullpup kit for the Glock 19. They call this the apex series. I currently have a Glock 19 in there,… […]

Overview Video

The future of performance and protection has arrived. Introducing the all-new META Tactical APEX Series carbine conversion kit, the world’s first pistol to rifle bullpup-style conversion kit. APEX allows you to shoot your handgun further distances with more accuracy. Designed, developed and tested to be the most versatile and compact carbine conversion kit ever created. […]

Installation Video

Remove magazine and check to make sure firearm is clear and safe Pull slide rearward approximately 0.25″ and hold Release slide forward and release slide lock Pull slide forward off of the gun Remove recoil spring Remove barrel Replace with META Tactical 16″ barrel Re-install slide onto the gun by sliding it from the front […]


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