ATF ATTACKS AGAIn – Gunshow loophole rule – Support 2nd Amendment Foundation

In a climate of increased scrutiny and debate surrounding Second Amendment rights, META Tactical, a leading firearms accessories manufacturer, has joined forces with the Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) to protect and defend the right to bear arms.

Recent Developments:
The Second Amendment is once again under ATTACK!!!

The ATF is now creating a new rule to prevent private sales between gun owners.

This new rule is an obvious infringement on our right to bear arms and engage in free enterprise!

Facts and Figures:
The fact is that less than 2% of gun-related crimes are committed by firearms purchased through private sales. (Source: Bureau of Justice Statistics)

Our Stand:
META Tactical firmly believes that the actions of a few should never be used to justify tyrannical control over our human right to defend our life and liberty. In response to these concerning developments, META Tactical has partnered with the Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) to support their ongoing efforts in preventing politicians from eroding our constitutional rights.

The SAF has been on the frontlines, advocating for the protection of Second Amendment rights since 1974. They have consistently fought for the rights of American citizens to bear arms responsibly and without undue government interference.

Our Call to Action:
META Tactical encourages every American who values their Second Amendment rights to donate to the SAF. To express our gratitude for your support, we are offering an exclusive giveaway throughout this month.

When you donate to the Second Amendment Foundation, you will have the chance to win an APEX Pistol to Bullpup Rifle Conversion Kit. This sleek device, hydro-dipped with American graphics composed of our flag and constitution, can be yours when you donate today.

Given the course our government has been taking since the prohibition era, we need organizations like the Second Amendment Foundation to fight for us. We at META Tactical are taking steps to help them with this battle, but we need you to win the war.

Join the Fight! 
The question is … Will you join us?

About META Tactical:
META Tactical is a leading manufacturer of high-quality firearms accessories, specializing in innovative solutions for the discerning gun enthusiast. Our products are designed and engineered to enhance firearm performance, reliability, and customization options.

About Second Amendment Foundation (SAF):
The Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting a better understanding of the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution and defending the rights associated with it. SAF has been at the forefront of legal actions and advocacy efforts to protect and expand Second Amendment rights for Americans.

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