APEX Glock Conversion Kit

META Glock conversion kits are becoming more and more popular every day. Here at META Tactical, we all love conversion...

What is the Meta-Tactical APEX?

The META TACTICAL APEX-Series Carbine Conversion Kit is the world’s first pistol-to-rifle bullpup style conversion kit.  Unlike the other “conversion”...

What Handguns are compatible with the APEX Carbine Conversion Kit?

Currently, we will offer kits that are compatible with Glock, S&W, and P80. This includes most make, models, and generations....

Will the same kit work for multiple makes of handguns?

Most handguns will require a specific chassis and 16” barrel engineered for that model, make, etc. Some exceptions are Glock...

What is included with the kit?

The kit includes the chassis, tool kit, 16” drop-in replacement barrel, thread protector and muzzle device.

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